We at The School Design Studio, are determined to transform education through design for you.

Using curriculum-led principles and aesthetics, we aim to contribute to the students’ and teachers’ well-being and make a difference in the future of society. We work closely with you, our educators, to fulfill your vision and use design to enlighten new mindsets in education. Our team use extensive research to develop design strategies that constantly enhance our design and make your school a unique learning experience for the students. We also formulate design patterns that support children’s physical and cognitive development based on the current educational needs of the upcoming generations.

Our designs reflect our strengths, innovation, creativity, responsibility, and commitment. We go beyond the physical structure to make your vision of education a reality.

Our rich background in the architecture and construction industry enables us to provide precise and uncompromising work. Our direct and transparent communication assures a seamless construction process of your dream school. We ensure that every educator’s vision finds its fruition in intelligently designed, smartly integrated school design spaces for the students of the 21st century.


Suunil Mahendarker
Suunil Mahendarker Founder Director and Architect
Suma Varshini
Suma Varshini Co-founder and Principal Architect
Gauri Deshpande
Gauri Deshpande Finance Manager
Shobha Kakaraddi
Shobha Kakaraddi Senior Architect
Anjali S
Anjali S Associate Architect
Hemal Architect
Roshni H R
Roshni H R Architect
Parveen Project Co-ordinator
Kishore Gowda
Kishore Gowda Structural engineer and consultant
R.V. Kumar
R.V. Kumar MEP Consultant
Shifa S
Shifa S Office Administrator
Manish Kumar Singh
Manish Kumar Singh Digital Marketing Specialist