Set in a 3-acre campus, Shri Jayendra Saraswathy Vidhyalaya is a 40-year old school at Coimbatore. Founded by Mrs. Dhanalakshmi, this reputed school provides education to students across a cross-section of society. Built organically on a 200- year old family property, the school’s infrastructure needed renovation and up-gradation which was where The School Designs Studio was called in to intervene.

Supporting the dual curriculum of CBSE and State Board, the structure is replete with the history and experiences of students who have crossed its portals over the many decades. In an ode to the past, one of the buildings is converted into an inspiration center with a central gallery and art room. Celebrating the 40th year of its existence, the inspiration center marks the school’s progress and a renewed purpose towards forging a new future.

The new CBSE building caters to kids from Kindergarten to Grade 2. With 5 play zones covering a variety of sports and activities, areas provide ample space for interaction and play.

Located on a single campus, different blocks have been designed to accommodate different curricula. The structure is re-organized in keeping with the curriculum norms, including that of the classrooms, compound walls, and building premises. Every effort has been made to keep the integrity and ethos of the school intact while making every little change to modernize the entire campus.

The curriculum leads the design interventions for the schools. Overall, the interiors were given a facelift, made spacious and bright, toilet blocks and sanitation areas separated with additional staircases added wherever required. The school now features several amenities including a 2500 library, computer labs, and separate sections for secondary students. The beautiful open campus has a large central space made into a football field, with multipurpose courts and track and running fields. The entire school has gone through significant changes to accommodate the way ahead, without losing out on its past ethos.



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