KAYAKA INSTITUTIONS – Gulbarga, Karnataka

Kalaburagi, Gulbarga Karnataka

Gulbarga based Kayaka Institutions is the culmination of the vision and values of its founder Mr.Shivraj Patil. You need to know about eye of horus kostenlos. The school promotes regional language and culture, integrating historical nuances into every aspect of the building design and architecture. The institution reflects the philosophy and ideals of Basavanna, a 12th-century Lingayat saint who preached equality, community bonding and championed the cause of the Kannada language. The seer’s profound teachings and quotes are liberally incorporated into the school’s facade.

The project came to The School Designs Studio during the first stage of construction, while the ground floor slab was being installed.

Initially designed by another architect, the original structure did not adhere to the requirements of school architecture. With a glass and metal facade and a single 4-feet stairway for 1000 students, the school building wasn’t constructed in alignment with the needs of students.

Upon takeover, The School Designs Studio proceeded to make several significant changes to the interiors and exteriors, while working within the constraints of the existing building structure. An additional staircase was added to ease the flow of students within the building. The outer facade is climatologically designed to provide appropriate sunlight and ventilation required for the classrooms. Sustainable materials like Porotherm blocks do not require plastering and help in temperature regulation throughout the interiors that are used.

Nature and greenery blend into the school’s landscape in vertical gardens, central courtyard and activity areas. The outer facade is eye-catching with circular windows, wall niches and other child-friendly elements.

Constructed as a ground plus 4-level layout, the school interiors are intelligently designed with flexible walls to accommodate integrated play and activity areas.



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