PODAR JUMBO KIDS – Banshankari, Bengaluru

Banshankari, Bengaluru

Podar Jumbo Kids- Banshankari is owned by Mrs. Vaidehi Arun and managed by Mrs. Pratibha which follows the EYFS curriculum focuses on 7 areas of learning. The School Designs Studio was approached to design the play area for existing pre-school. Through a number of architectural strategies, the team created an environment where young kids can gain early experience and gross motor skills from outdoor learning and play area. The play area was constructed in both frontier and backyard.

While the frontier offers kids to explore with play equipment, car play, creative activities on EPDM flooring, on the other hand, a semi-circled amphitheatre was designed to offer outdoor learning, a sandpit where they can develop fine motor skills and a splash pool was created as multi-purpose area, when it’s not in use the whole area can be used for free play.



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