Magadi Road, Bengaluru

The Klimb Preschool founded by Mrs.Sneha is a fully constructed structure that came to The School Designs Studio for interiors and play areas design. Built with residential specifications minimal structural interventions were incorporated into the building to open up the space for activity and free play.

An outer play area of 750 sq ft or 69.6 sq meters, is specifically designed around the curriculum, featuring different play zones such as free play, water play and sand play. Different floors cater to different age groups, surrounded by activity zones specifically designed towards the kids learning needs. A ball pit playroom under the staircase is a unique feature of the school interior, and is a favorite with kids allowing for interaction and play.

The circular design of the logo is fluidly carried over into the interior elements of the school. The school interiors are designed to be immersively experienced, with bright vibrant corridors and classrooms. An activity room on the first floor doubles up as an AV room and for kids’ developmental activities.



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