Hessargatta Road, Bengaluru

Sharada Vidyalaya approached ‘The School Designs Studio’ to design a unique nursery block for kids in the pre-existing building, where students can learn and develop with the surrounding environment. They proposed the learning space in such a way with interactive classrooms which promote student immersion.

The architects of The School Designs Studio added interesting elements like separate shoe racks, sensory pathways, sensory activities, and interactive floor. Creating individual shoe rack for each student in hexagonal shapes helps the students in understanding and learning colors and shapes along with discipline and a sense of ownership.

Ordinary corridors were converted into playing areas with stimulating pathways on textured flooring to develop the neural connection of kids. The use of fine motor skills development activities with vinyl flooring makes it more interesting and encourages children to be physically active. Read more about eye of horus kostenlos. The classroom and washroom is designed anthropometric according to the age group.



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