PODAR JUMBO KIDS – Sarjapur, Bengaluru

Sarjapur, Bengaluru

Podar Jumbo Kids, Sarjapur was a pre-existing preschool project, designed and brought to fruition by The School Designs Studio. The schools follow the EYFS curriculum with kids mandated to engage in 7 areas of learning such as personal and emotional development, communication, literacy, maths, physical development, and expressive arts. The School Designs Studio sought to renovate the existing space to stimulate different kinds of learning using a variety of elements in the interiors, thereby helping student’s all-around growth. Using an existing school structure on the ground floor of a residential complex, the interiors are designed in bright cheerful colors. The large overhead roof screens the school from neighboring buildings while minimizing distraction for students.

The activity areas are fluid and interactive. A part of the daycare room is converted into a busy climbing wall and exclusive play areas are set aside for individual classrooms. Play areas, interiors, and extension to the existing structure are multi-functional and compel physical activity. Students have plenty of options to explore, and different spaces are made available to them at different times throughout the day. An example of the multi-usable space is the 30-seater amphitheater that doubles up as an outdoor classroom. Together with the play area, the amphitheater also accommodates a 100-people gathering for school programs and which during school time, doubles up as a free play, and a water play area.



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