KSR AKSHARA ACADEMY – Tiruchengude, Tamilnadu

Trichy, Tamilnadu

The renovation project for KSR Akshara Academy focuses on updating and modernizing the existing facilities to create a more functional and inviting learning environment for students.

The ground floor and the basement are dedicated to the kindergarten. The classrooms and activity rooms feature soft colors and materials, creating a home-like atmosphere that encourages children to express their full potential. In addition, the school features a central courtyard that is transformed into a thematic child development center. This space will offer a range of gross and fine motor skills activities, sensory experiences, and other opportunities for children to learn and grow.

The top two floors of the building will be used as a boys’ hostel, providing well-lit and ventilated rooms for students. The rooms will have modular bunk beds with built-in storage and study tables. The hostel also includes a multi-purpose hall with a recreation room, dining hall, and well-done toilets, providing students with amenities to support their overall well-being.

The renovation of KSR Akshara Academy aims to create a dynamic and inspiring learning environment for all students, fostering creativity and ambition in the younger generation and helping them to succeed in their academic pursuits.



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