ST. JOSEPH’S HIGHER SEC.MATRIC SCHOOL – Pallalakuppam, Tamilnadu

Pallalakuppam, Tamilnadu

The design for the renovation of St. Joseph’s Matric School in Pallalakuppam, Vellore focuses on modernizing the traditional teaching methods and creating a spacious and comfortable learning environment for the students. The facade of the school features a play of geometry, which enhances the aesthetic appeal of the building while also considering the climatic conditions of the region.

The school will be transformed into a cutting-edge learning environment, with state-of-the-art classrooms and labs, as well as a spacious library and an array of sports facilities.

Classrooms have been designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for various teaching methods and group sizes and provide an optimal learning environment, with large windows to allow natural light in and proper ventilation.

The renovation will allow for a more interactive and hands-on learning experience, encouraging students to engage with their studies in a more dynamic and creative way, for the 4000 + students who attend this school. This renovation will have a positive impact on the education and growth of these students and will have a lasting impact on the local community.


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