Trichy, Tamilnadu

The renovation project at Indo-American Montessori School in Trichy, Tamilnadu, is focused on creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment that reflects the school’s philosophy of hands-on, personalized education, i.e, Montessori Method. This project is the conversion of a 30-year-old residential building into an activity-based learning center, focusing on designing spaces that meet psychological and physical needs of young children.

One of the goals of this project is to create a clean, clutter-free environment full of light and color. The interiors have been designed with a focus on flexibility, allowing different activities and learning styles to take place within the same space.

In addition to the aesthetic updates, The School Designs Studio team has made functional improvements to the building, including the installation of new windows and doors to increase natural light and ventilation, and upgrading the electrical and plumbing systems. A new play area and outdoor learning spaces are added to enhance the learning experience of the children.

This renovation project was to create a space that reflects the school’s philosophy and educational approach and provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children to learn and grow.


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