Vibhutipura, Bengaluru

Combining Indian and International curriculum, Suvarnashree Gurukul is a preschool created within the Srimad Vibhuthipura Veerasimhasana Samsthana Math to impart education to little kids. The School Designs Studio were invited to renovate the structure, incorporating classrooms and adapting it to a place of learning, while also creating a new aesthetic that merged with the school’s vision. Designed with the aesthetics of a Gurukul, the school is a beautiful amalgamation of open spaces where education is imparted under trees surrounded by nature, and calm environs resonating the spiritual energy of the place.

The interiors are a fusion of copper and pastel colors symbolising the union of the gurukul system with the international curriculum. Abstract Warli art adorns the interiors of classrooms. The outdoors are done in earthy, natural materials. A large 550 sqm (6000 sqft) play area offers a variety of activities such as water play, car play, a gardening zone, climbing wall and specific activities that enhance fine and gross motor skill development. The specially designed playhouse in natural wood keeps kids of different interests engaged in a varied set of activities.


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